International Conference on
Research into Design (ICoRD '11)
National Science Seminar Complex,
Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore, India

10-12 January, 2011

Conference Overview

Design is ubiquitous; it pervades almost all spheres of life, and has been around as long as life has taken up the task of purposefully changing the world around it. Research in design and the emergence of a research community in this area has been relatively new, its development influenced by the multiple facets of design (human, artefact, process, organisation, and the micro- and macro economy by which design is shaped) and the associated diversification of the community into those focusing on various aspects of these individual facets, or various applications. Design is complex, balancing the needs from multiple stakeholders , and requiring a multitude of areas of knowledge to be utilised, from resources spread across space and time.

ICoRD'11 is the third in a series of conferences intended to be held every two years in India to bring together the international community from diverse areas of design practice, teaching and research, to: showcase cutting edge research about design to the stakeholders; aid the ongoing process of developing and extending the collective vision through emerging research challenges and questions; and provide a platform for interaction, collaboration and development of the community in order for it to take up the challenges to realise the vision. The conference is intended for all stakeholders of design, and in particular for its practitioners, researchers, teachers and students. The conference will have:

  • Invited presentations from eminent international experts and practitioners;
  • Presentations of refereed papers as podium, poster,panel or theme presentations;
  • Industrial sessions to present perspectives from industry and studies in practice.

Full paper deadline extended to 15th July, 2010